tech conglomerates have actuated an array of parasitic platforms that feed off of our intrinsic desire for the other, sapping human connection with profit-producing parasocial leeches and gorging themselves on the data we produce. video livestreams are too dopamine-saturated to encourage thought and pre-recorded podcasts and playlists offer no immediacy, intimacy, or excitement. audio streaming services either greet us with the same ten albums we’ve played countless times before or a handful of pre-approved “similar” artists mathematically guaranteed to keep us on the app. shallow socializing, deceivingly stimulating, has created mass, half-lucid disaffection within the algorithmic data tunnels we inhabit. our minds tire of the breakneck speeds with which we are force-fed repeatedly fashioned and regurgitated content. we are culturally deprived and interpersonally atomized, even if we do not yet fully realize it.

limits aims to encourage a proliferation of alternate means of mass communication, a return to the original DIY ideals of physical flyering and word-of-mouth. we vow to air compelling/unique/dope material, an ability we are afforded by our lack of profit and time constraints. in this way, we hope to help build tangible creative communities horizontally organizing towards a more meaningful cultural future.

If you or someone you know would like to work with Limits or has a program idea, please email us at

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